Krima un DTR LTR
Ukrainas pilsoņu karš.

"As far as the accusations of ‘occupation,’ ‘annexation’ of Crimea and deployment of troops there, repeatedly made in the context of the Vienna document (similarly with the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty), are concerned, the peninsula’s reunification with Russia was a result of a free expression of will by its multinational population, and the current status of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol as part of the Russian Federation has been determined once and for all and is not up for discussion," the ministry said.

"Therefore, Russia is free to deploy troops and military equipment on its territory, and attempts to inspect the territory of Crimea as part of an inspection of Ukraine are provocative and useless. Naturally, at the same time Russia is ready to accept inspectors, observers and assessment groups in Crimea should it receive relevant requests under the Vienna Document," it added.
At the same time, Washington’s report fails to mention the fact that Kiev has not yet fulfilled its commitments under the Vienna Document with regard to its military operation in eastern Ukraine.
"By groundlessly accusing Russia of arming and training separatists in eastern Ukraine and engaging in joint military actions alongside them, the US and NATO countries have seriously discredited the role of VD11 as an instrument of unbiased control of military activities of the OSCE member states. In that regard, we stress once again that Russia is not a party to the military conflict in Ukraine," the statement says.
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